Support is available 

Due to Covid-19, we are presently offering services in a different way to keep you and our staff safe. We are still open and can often provide support without seeing anyone face-to-face. 

Walk-in services are presently suspended for adults but have re-opened for Young people.

If you have a serious problem related to your sexual health (as above) please phone

0300 008 5522

between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Please be aware there may be a delay in answering the phone, but you will be answered by a receptionist who will give you the opportunity to speak to a doctor or nurse. The health professional will ring you back, discuss your concerns and explain the options with you over the telephone. If necessary we will offer to see you in clinic. Presently we are only able to provide face to face care in the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections and for providing complex contraception.

 In this case, the nurse or doctor will take a full history over the telephone and then arrange for a very short visit at which you may have an examination, swabs, a blood test or procedure as necessary so that you will spend as short a time as possible in the waiting and clinic rooms.

Please note: if you are requesting a contraceptive coil insertion, present HIGH DEMAND means that we have a 6 WEEK waiting list.


  • If you need the contraceptive pill, live in Hertfordshire and are 16 years or older, order on-line though the SH:24 contraceptive service. Discreet delivery to your home. 
  • If you need emergency contraception, live in Hertfordshire and are 16 years or older, you can order free and confidential emergency contraception on-line from SH:24. Discreet delivery to your home. You can also contact Sexual Health Hertfordshire, your GP or local pharmacists for information on services they currently provide.   
  • If you want testing for STIs but have no symptoms, please order a free test through the SH:24 home testing service. Discreet delivery to your home. Please note that low-risk individuals will be sent tests for Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea but not HIV / Syphilis as these are less likely to be necessary. If you feel that you do need an HIV test you can still order one online from Free Testing HIV

If you have concerns about domestic violence during Covid restrictions please follow this link for help and advice including local support in Hertfordshire.

If you would like general advice on contraception, abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic - follow this link for national guidance issued by the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health.

If under 16 or unable to use online services please call 0300 008 5522

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by any of our changes in service.