Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a treatment that can reduce the risk of HIV infection after contact with the virus. If you feel that you may have been in contact with HIV within the last 72 hours then PEP may be appropriate for you.

We provide PEP to people who may have been exposed to the HIV virus through sexual contact. If you think you are at risk for another reason, such as a needle-stick injury at work, please visit your Occupational Health Team or your local A&E department.

If you need PEP following sexual exposure, you can walk in to any of our clinics shown on this map.

There is currently no evidence that people living with HIV are more likely to contract COVID-19 than anyone else in the general public. However we are unaware as to how the virus effects those living with HIV if they do become infected and so as a precaution we are making all appointments telephone appointments unless you are told otherwise by your clinic. Blood clinics are cancelled and the clinic will be contacting you with further instruction. We understand that this is a worrying time for our patients and we are happy to talk to anyone who may have concerns. 

However if you believe that you may have COVID-19 symtoms then please follow the NHS and Public health guidelines by self isolating. If your symptoms become worse then please contact 111 and inform them that you have an underlying health condition and they will signpost you to the correct place.