Hertfordshire Chat Sexual Health gives Hertfordshire residents the opportunity to speak to a health professional anonymously and in confidence about their sexual health via text message. The SMS service is confidential and you can choose to provide your details if you would like to, but you do not have to.

To speak to a healthcare professional, simple text* 07312263535 within the opening times listed and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like advice outside of the Chat Sexual Health opening times, call 0300 008 5522 for further assistance.

*Please note texts are charged at a standard rate. ChatHealth does not receive voice calls or image messaging and does not support messaging from international numbers, landlines or 'number masking' apps.

Chat Sexual Health opening times:

Monday: 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Tuesday: 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Wednesday: 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Thursday: 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Friday: 1.00pm - 4.30pm