If something has happened to you within the last 7 days, then Hertfordshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) may be the most appropriate service for you. They would invite you to attend as soon as you can and try to help you decide if you would like evidence collected (forensic tests) and ensure you have your healthcare needs met. This does not need to involve the police but may do so if you would like their help.

Forensic tests (DNA tests to identify assailant), if wanted, will need to happen before STI screening. These would take place at the SARC and not the sexual health clinic. If you are at risk of pregnancy then emergency contraception will also need to be considered within the first few days. This can be handled by the SARC or the sexual health clinic. The sexual health clinic can also help with considering prevention of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis B. As long as you have no symptoms STI testing at the sexual health clinic should normally be deferred to at least 10-14 days after the episode.

Visit: SARC - Hertfordshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre

To contact SARC, please call 0808 178 4448

For sexual health centres, please call 0300 008 5522