There are many types of contraception available and none are perfect. The contraception choices website provides honest information on the effectiveness and the risks and benefits of each sort. You may already know what you want. If not, this tool may help weigh up the pros and cons.

Our clinics can provide different forms of contraception. You can also access contraception from your GP. All GPs in Hertfordshire can provide the Contraceptive Pill and Injection. If you are already taking the oral contraceptive pill and just need a new supply you can access this online through SH:24

Some GPs offer other types of contraception e.g. coil, implant, which are known as Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC). Click on the full map below to show which GPs offer coils and implants in Hertfordshire. Services can change so please make sure you contact them first for more information.

Demands for contraception services are high, so there will be a waiting list.

The waiting time for a coil insertion at one of our clinics in Sexual Health Hertfordshire is presently around 6 weeks.

Please contact your GP to check if they may be able to provide this sooner.

Condoms are the only contraception that protect against pregnancy, STIs and HIV. Used correctly, they're 98% effective. Condom guide. Get It provides free condoms which can either be posted out to you, or collected from over 100 different pharmacies and youth services. Click here to register and start accessing free condoms, STI tests, and support.

There is also the condom video here which we have alongside the other SHH videos.